Its a new start for us at TnM for 2013. We unexpectedly had to change our program slightly and retired one
of what we consider the best males we've ever had at the end of 2012.  We were floundering a bit when
Judy/Howard of KatzMeow offered us this stunning boy who we named Axl. Needless to say, we jumped at
the offer.

Axl is truly a wonderful example of the ideal marble that I wish to help promote and to further create in the
bengal breed. Some of his best features are his stunning eye catching pattern, huge whiskerpads and
arresting face. He shows so much promise at still such a young age.

This boy comes from a long line of stunning, open flow, breathtaking marbles and amazing spotted from
lines such as Sierragold, Kingsmark, Gogees, Zendada and Millwood just to name a few. He shows so
much promise and is a bright light in a time of need.

We are very excited to start campaining Axl at our local shows and cannot wait to see what he adds to our
program when matched with our beautiful girls. We are very grateful to Judy/Howard for allowing us to
have this wonderful boy.

PK-Def tested Normal by parentage by UC Davis.
KatzMeow El Dorado of ToughandMighty "Axl"

Sire-Sierragold AllThat of Katzmeow (BMT)
Dam- Sierra 24 Karat of Katzmeow (BMT)
DOB- 3/27/2012
We do not allow
outside stud

Males are prone to spraying to mark their territory. (Females can
too!) We keep our males in house raised underfoot by us until
they start to spray ( usually between 9-12months). Then they get
moved outside to our HUGE stud enclosure. We could fit 4 studs
in here if they got along! ;)  They have multiple cat trees, heat
lamp, bed warmers, a cat wheel and windows to peer out of that
looks into our backyard. They can stink up the place and call to
their hearts content.. and believe me they do!  
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HCM Negative on
Video of Axl


  SBT Integrated Bow N Arrow           
SBT CH. Dadaelis Yoyo of Kamisha