Queens 2
SolanaRanch Foxy Roxy of ToughandMighty "Roxy"

Sire- RW QGC SBT SimplySimes White Knight of Ounce Cattery (SLP)
Dam- SBT Solana Ranch Head to the Future (SLP)
DOB- 10/17/2013

Belle is a stunning, wonderful open brown marble girl all the way from our good friend Pris at Southlynn Bengals. We
have been on the waiting list for a wonderful Southlynn marble for quite some time and are so unbelievably happy when
we were offered Belle.

Belle is a spunky bundle of fun who loves to race around our house and then collapse with "her" children. She sleeps
with my children traveling from top to bottom bunk every night. She has yet to meet a person or dog or child she doesnt
want to run up to and greet and we just adore her temperament. We hope she brings that and her wonderful marble flow
into her children.

She comes from a beautiful lines of marbles and spotted with some SGC, RW SGC's in her pedigree and  she will carry for
snow. We will be starting her show career at the end of 2012 so watch for her at our local shows. Belle is now a Champion!
Earning her title at the Chehalis, WA 2013 show! 2 finals, a 6th Best SH cat from Savant and a BEST SH cat from Judge!!

Will be PK def tested soon!
CH. Southlynn Belle of the Ball of ToughandMighty
2013 Best Brown (Black) Marble in the NW Region
Sire-SBT Marbleous Beau Reve of Southlynn (BMT)
Dam- SBT Divasden MochaLatte of Southlynn (SLM)
DOB- 07/12/2012
Belle was found to be
HCM Clear/Normal on
We are over the moon! This stunning Seal Lynx spotted girl comes from Robyn of Solana Ranch
Bengals. Robyn is known for her stunning, wild look to her Bengals. Her cats look like they've stepped
out of the jungle and they just get better with age!

We jumped at the chance to bring this little girl into our program. She has beautiful doming, big
expressive eyes, and spots from the top of her neck down her legs! She is a perfect mix of type with a
little bit of flash thrown in.
Her father is the stunning Regional Winner Quad Grand Champion
SimplySimes White Knight of Ounce Cattery and her mother is an incredibly stunning Solana Ranch lynx

We cannot wait to show her and think she will bring amazing things to our program.

Thanks again Robyn!
Tested Pk-d N/N
by UC Davis
Tested Pk-D, N/K, a carrier but
not affected. Will only be paired
to N/N studs. UC Davis

Will be PK def tested s"Elsa" is our THIRD Bengal from Rowan Bengals. We absolutely love their cats. With their sweet
temperaments, friendliness right out of the crate and impeccable health we really couldn't ask for more!

!With her sapphire-blue eyes and features lined in a gorgeous shade of silver, this beautiful example of silver lynx point
has become a welcomed change in direction for our breeding program. Named after the snow queen in the movie
"Frozen" this chilling silver-snow queen has captured our hearts with her energetic and playful antics as well as her
wonderful pattern and structure.  

Elsa descends from a menagerie of amazing bloodlines from across the united states and abroad. Of these bloodlines, OD
SGC TheRealms Jewely has become well known in recent years for producing many beautiful and very successful
silver-snow show cats.   But beyond this, there are many bloodlines which have been lost to modern pedigrees which we
are happy to see brought to the surface again as their genetic diversity and heart health we feel will be an asset to our
program and the breed in the future.

Rowan Let it Go of ToughandMighty "Elsa"

Sire-CH SBT Leopardspride Sessrumnir (SSLP)
Dam- SBT Rowan Diamond in the Rough (Silver Marble)
DOB- 12/20/13
Tested Pk-d N/N
by UC Davis by
Video of Elsa
Video of Roxy