Available Kittens
At Tough and Mighty Bengals we raise our cats and kittens underfoot. We do have a waiting list at most
times and it does not cost anything to be on our waiting list.

If we do not have what you  are looking for (a particular color/ pattern/sex) we may know someone that

Please read our purchasing page before inquiring on our kittens, it has a lot of great information that may
answer your questions.

Current or upcoming litters are listed below.

We get A LOT of questions on our marble cats. Yes, marble Bengals are purebred-
they simply have  a different pattern then that of the spotted.

We find marble bengals very cool looking, like little individual works of art and thats why we choose to breed
them. A marbles patterns differs from those that are spotted because they continue to open up and develop until
they are two years old. We do not sell marbles for any less than spotted kittens. They are just as beautiful and just
as unique with the same Bengal personality. MANY of our owners come for a spotted kitten and fall in love with a
marble too.  The cats/kittens below are examples of different marbles and are not for sale.
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Kittens born! Dani x YoYo born June 19th, 2014
Four brown spotted kittens. Waiting list is being started.

Roxy x Bowen due end of July 2014

Please try Kathy at Kamisha Bengals www.kamisha.com