Purchasing a Kitten
Bengal Antics 101 -  a Helpful Guide to Bengal Behavior (click)
There are tons of Bengal breeders out there, both good and bad.

Always try to visit a cattery if you can or if not possible get lots of photos and/or video. Remember
its okay to ask questions or for references! But any good breeder is also going to want to ask you a
few questions of their own. Don't be afraid to do a lot of research or get on a waiting list to ensure
you get the kitten you really want. All kittens should appear healthy and friendly at time of visit. A
little shyness in adults or kittens is understandable but both kittens and parents should seem very
curious and healthy. We owned Bengals as pets before we even thought of breeding. You could
also attend your local cat shows to speak to several different breeders about Bengals. We are
usually brutally honest about Bengals good and bad traits
not because we want to scare you away
but because this breed isn't for everyone and usually not recommended for novice owners. We are
not salesmen and we dont live off our cats. Theres no real "right" way to be a breeder but theres
wrong ways to raise them.

We want you to be happy with your Bengal and not just because of their looks. They require a lot of
time, attention, good diet and they aren't usually considered a lap cat (some might prove differently).
We recommend going to a experienced breeder that has proof of health testing, previous pet
references, takes the kittens to the vet for checkups, are up to date with shots/worming and offer a
health guarantee at minimum. Kittens should never be priced severely higher or severely lower than
other breeders you've talked to and you shouldn't feel like you are walking into a kitten mill. Bengals
are the number one registered breed in TICA right now. That means everyones a "breeder".  Take
your time, do your research and go with your gut. Dont ever be afraid to ask questions. There will
always be slightly different opinions based on everyones experiences but most breeders are willing
to be brutally honest.

All our pet kittens come already spayed/neutered before they go home and a pet contract will be
signed.  If kittens are sold as breeders a breeding contract will be signed and TICA papers will be
released when kitten is paid for in full or as soon as breeder receives them from TICA. We do not sell
breeder kittens in WA! We get individual pet exams on every single kitten. Kittens will come with age
appropriate shots (3 way done at 8 and 12 weeks), worming (2x panacur), revolution applied and
micro-chipping done on request or if kitten is flying out of state. Owners are welcome to attend first
vet visit if possible! If kitten is developing normally they can go home between 12-13 weeks if you
live in Washington State. If we are shipping out of state they will be a minimum of 12 weeks old and
will incur shipping costs (see below).  

We do require a $200 pet deposit or $500 breeder non-refundable deposit on all our kittens. This
goes towards your full purchase price and ensures your kitten is held especially for you until it is
time for them to go home. Please be very sure in your decision as deposits are non-refundable
(transferable to a future litter is available) unless something drastic (health or injury) happens to
your kitten.

Our kitten prices are listed below. Kitten prices vary on color, contrast, quality and we
always try and stay comparative to prices on the West Coast. We have taken payment plans,
worked with people and give a discount for taking two. We have retired adults occasionally for a
very low adoption price. We do not take "any offer" though and feel our prices are more than fair.

Pet Kittens:  $850-$1100.00 (Spayed/Neutered)
Breeder Kittens:  $1800-$2500.00

Show: If you are interested in showing one of our kittens for fun, cattery recognition, as a
household pet or just because you think you’d enjoy it...let us know! We encourage and think it’s
fun to show cats. Talk to us about buying a higher quality pet or most breeders we allow you to
show and don’t charge extra for a “show cat.” Especially because a kitten can meet breed
standards and not do well in shows while others do quite well. There’s no guarantee for this and we
don’t like to claim every high quality cat is a show cat.

We do offer shipping out of state. The average cost for shipping a kitten

is $270 and may be lower or higher depending on your state and availability

of flights at that time. This price includes a health certificate required for shipping (around $30),

a USDA approved crate ($30), and flight cost (approx $210 w tax) . **According to USDA regulations
breeders cannot ship you a PET Kitten sight unseen. We do not ship kittens to anyone that we have
not met in person or met a representative of their family. You can fly to meet us in person and take
your kitten home.*

We do not require a deposit to be on our waiting list. If you would like to be informed of

upcoming litters or kittens available, please email with what you are looking


Tough and Mighty no longer accepts personal checks for payment of kittens unless its a deposit.

Payments can be made until time comes for kitten to go home.

Kittens must be paid IN FULL before going to new home.

If paying through pay pal please add $3.00 for every $100 to accommodate for

Pay Pal fees. A document or note will be signed saying you authorized the pay pal

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