Previous Kittens
Kittens pictured have already found their wonderful homes. Enjoy!
ToughandMighty BonVoyage of Nemera (and new sister Khara!)
ToughandMighty TakeaChanceonMe or Chance

Jake is going great.  I don't think we could love a cat more than we do Jake!  
Although we love Elwood too, sometimes we wish Elwood were more like Jake.  
Elwood just doesn't have the personality that Jake has and isn't nearly as
affectionate, which more than likely is due to the fact that Elwood is a rescue kitty
from a feral mother.  Elwood has many good characteristics also, but there is just
something about Jake.  We just wanted you to know that we are still very happy we
made the decision to purchase Jake.  He has already brought so much joy to our
Hope you are having a great week!

Charlie & Linda Taulbee
Sabre is doing awesome! Im actually surprised at how well
he is adjusting. I went very well and he actually seemed to
enjoy it. He even a figured out what doorknobs do because
he has been jumping up at all the door knobs(thought he
cant reach it quite yet). I have a feeling we will be needing to
put locks on the doors, I have a few pics of him if you'd like
to see. He seems to enjoy climbing all over me.  Oh and
we've had no accidents, he knows where his litter box is.
We put the cat morning and he actually found his way from
the other side of the house to the litter box. Im just glad he
has adjusted so well already! Here's some pics of him being
crazy playing this morning :) Again, thanks so much!
Katina and Seth

Just wanted to thank you so much for sharing Mya with us!

She is amazingly well behaved, so vocal and even has a bedtime at

Visiting with you in your home was so much fun and your knowledge
of Bengals was impressive.

Your home is very clean and not smelly like a bunch of cats live
We enjoy Mya so much, she is like my child now that my children are
grown and leaving the nest. Thanks again and talk to you soon!

Lynne S.
These are the best cats we ever had. Basil, for example, knows he can't
climb on a console table behind the couch. All day yesterday he spent
climbing on the couch and putting ONE paw on the table, then looking at
me, waiting for me to spray being sprayed! What a goof-ball! Shiner, on the
other hand, loves boxes open it he needs to squeeze in no mater how little
the box is. And he goes absolutely crazy about the packing peanuts. He'll
steal one and run away with it to chew it into tiny pieces. I never let him
play with peanuts, so anytime I open new package he WAITS for some
peanuts to steal one and run! Health wise they are doing just great, they
weigh about 9.5 lbs each at 6 months and are very strong and fast. They
are growing to be some very handsome cats."
Chance is one of my best buddies, and definately by far one of the
sweetest kitties I have been around.  He is not only stunningly
beautiful on the outside, but his personality is as well...

Thanks Tara!

Hiyu is very affectionate and loves being carried around
looking over onto my lap and using me as home base for
his explorations.  I'll send you pictures tonight after I get
them loaded off the camera.  I'm enjoying Hiyu
immensely.  Thank you for sharing him with me.

Basil, Shiner, & Mela
Quest is  the sweetest cat we own! She loves to cuddle and give
Mommy kisses! She also is willing to take a bath and allows us to

Unending thanks goes out to Tara of Tough and Mighty Bengals
here in Washington for giving us this amazing little girl. There are
no words to express my gratitude and the honor I feel in being
allowed to have this girl. She is everything I could ever have
dreamed of and I love her with all of my heart!

Quest is now joined by her show alter marble half sister Khara!

Tara produces astonishing cats :) I envision having at least one
more TnM Bengal at some point. These two girls are the most
playful and entertaining of all my cats, as well as the most fitting
to the Bengal standard AND the sweetest :D I just can't wait to
show them and see how they do!
Rachael of NemeraBengals